Episode 188: 2024… And Beyond!

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Mike DeAngelo joins Kev a final time to conclude their conversation from the Season 2 premiere! They dive into the personal projects they have going on in 2024, some of the games they’re looking forward to, and wrap things up with what’s coming in 2024 for TV.

Be sure to join us at Fan Expo Philadelphia 2024! Looking for Mike while there? He’ll be in Artist Alley at booth A1404 with Tellest and Wyrd Witch Wands. Kev will be at The Philadelphia Podcasting Society & Creative Arts Alliance booth in the Community Zone; booth CA509. You can also find them at some panels:

  • Kev will be at the 30 Years of View Askew panel on 5/4 at 2:45 PM in room 125
  • Both Mike and Kev will be at the Heroes in a Half Shell: 40 Years of TMNT panel on 5/4 at 5:30 PM in room 120C
  • Both Mike and Kev will be at the Who You Gonna Call: 40 Years of Ghostbusters panel on 5/5 at 1:45 PM in room 121A

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